In a good bookmaker s office, the coefficient always reflects the real state of affairs and the teams chances to win. A good bookmaker monitors all the factors that influence the outcome of the game. But there are blunders, and in such moments you can get lucky by the tail. For example, there are cases when the BC does not take into account the replacement in its composition in its coefficient. But this can be a key point, especially in Dota 2 csgo betting sites! So, as we are talking about Dota 2, OG immediately comes to mind. Having lost only one player, Ana, they began to play an order of magnitude worse. Even in spite of the fact that the guys whom the club took for replacement are world-class professionals. The reigning champions of The International in Dota 2 were losing matches, in which they were clear favorites, according to the odds. Another factor that may not be considered a bookmaker, are flights. Often, due to problems with logistics, some teams arrive on the LAN via Dota 2 almost before the start of the match. Fatigue and jet-lag has not been canceled yet, and this naturally affects the level of the team’s play.