"Who doesn’t love a nice Juicy Burger with all the trimmings or a Fresh Maine Lobster Roll on a yummy hot buttery bun"

Its that love and passion that catapulted Andrew Michaels to model a catering & event design company inspired by your favorite roadside stands and street foods!
With over 15 years of experience being part of New York City’s premier event production company and seeing everything from the tame to the insane in a world that exudes innovation and creativity! It was now time to carve out a space that combines both ridiculously delicious whimsical food and design under one roof. Pop Up takes pride in using the best quality purveyors, locally sourced ingredients, and culinary gurus that wanna create more than just a plate. The creative process and personalized attention spent with each client to make sure the experience and look matches the vision is what sets us apart! Theres is NO length we won’t go to create a concept from inception to execution as we truly love what we do!